How to use eSnurra

Whatever version of eSnurra you are using, it is important to use the method correctly.

  • From week 8/0 to 12/0, CRL is most accurate for EDD settiing.
  • From week 12/0 to 22/6, BPD is most accurate for EDD setting if the shape of the scull is normal.
  • From week 15/6 to 22/6,  FL can be used to quality assure the BPD measurement.
  • eSnurra use a median pregnancy lenght of 283 days
  • Use the average of 3 BPD measurements from outher to outer limits when measuring the fetal scull.
  • Use the largest of 3 FL-measurements.

It is important to use the method this way – especially when you use the plastic wheel where you can determine the EDD from any factor, but the method described above will be more accurate.

Web and App versions

There is a norwegian web application at, an english iPhone and iPad version at and an english android version at