What is eSnurra?

eSnurra is a new method for calculating Estimated Date of Delivery(EDD), gestational age and fetal growth. It is based on a Norwegian population material consisting of approximately 40,000 pregnancies. You can use eSnurra in many ways – as  “classical” plastic wheel version, a web version, built into a variety of ultrasonic devices as well as apps for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and a variety of other formats. eSnurra is an evolution of the old “Snurra” that has been in use in Norway from 1984 until eSnurra came in the first edition in 2007. Snurra has dated about 1.7 million pregnancies in Norway.

How does eSnurra work?

Unlike other Norwegian growth and dating methods that calculate backwards to the last menstrual period and then add a certain number of days (usually 282), eSnurra in based on a much simpler and more accurate method. Based on the measurements of the variables CRL, BPD and FL eSnurra can calculate the remaining time of pregnancy directly in a more precise way than before.

Is the method tested?

There are several articles published and a PhD showing that eSnurra is more accurate than other methods used and has been used in Norway. Dr. philos Inger Økland has tested eSnurra of 73,000 Norwegian pregnancies and concluded that eSnurra calculate a good, precise EDD, either a user BPD.

How can you use eSnurra?

The easiest way to use eSnurra is to use plastic wheel, which you can order here. It can be used both to EDD prediction and growth estimation. If you want to do more accurate growth monitoring, it is recommended to use one of the online versions. The Web version, which is available on http://use.esnurra.com/, but you can also use your smart phone versions for iOS, Android and others, who will soon become available. Both the web and the app versions are more precise than the classic plastic wheel. In addition most major ultrasound machine manufacturers can deliver their machines with eSnurra support.